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fic: Recovery

Title: Recovery
Author: ancalime8301
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~9300
Characters: Holmes, Watson, Mary (with W/M, H/M, and H/W/M), secondary: Simza, Moriarty, Moran, Mycroft
Warnings: brief torture (in the very first section of the story)
Summary: AGOS ending AU. Moriarty dies before Holmes and Watson escape the factory, and much time and attention are devoted to Holmes and his injuries.
A/N: Written for the shkinkmeme prompt: H/W (with eventual, optional H/W/Mary)
After Watson puts an end to the Holmes-torture by dropping a tower on it, and after he has that gentle little moment with Holmes, but before they get the hell out of there, Watson locates Moriarty where he's trapped and ends him, violently.
As there's no need for further planning and scheming, their time in Switzerland at Mycroft's is instead spent in quiet, sweet recovery, proper treatment of Holmes' injuries, and a necessary alternative to sex-havin', what with the whole ghastly hook injury handicap. I'm thinking "kissing where it hurts" happens, myself, but I'm flexible.
If author is down with OT3, I would love it if Mary joined them at that point, but H/W will also do.

I took some liberties with the prompt (there is a bit of further planning and scheming, for instance), but that's the general gist of the thing. The torture occurs only in the first section of the story (and results in offscreen character death).

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Mods, I don't have an author tag, and it appears we are lacking a pairing: holmes/watson/mary tag. :)

Now taking Moriarty/Moran fic requests

(Crossposted from my Tumblr.)

Since the Christmas season is nearly upon us I have decided to take fic requests/prompts again for the next few weeks. Whether I will (attempt to) write drabbles/very short fics or longer fics I don’t know but, yes, we shall see (also we shall see if I even get any requests).
What I will write: Moriarty/Moran (Ritchie!verse and/or canon - my main headcanon is a mix of the two), or my OT3 is Moriarty/Moran/Kitty Winter (Kitty being a character from Holmes canon) so I may take prompts for them also.
I am fine with fluff, smut, BDSM/various kinks, some angst providing it has a happy ending.
What I won’t write: non-con, dubcon, death fic, abuse/torture fic, extreme angst/angst with no happy ending, mpreg/omega-verse, and there are probably a few kinks I don’t want to deal with but you can ask and see.
For an idea of the sort of things I usually write you can see my other fics on AO3
If you have a prompt/request you can reply to this post or send your request to my Tumblr ask box (you can send prompts anonymously through my Tumblr).

[Manip] Petals

Title: Petals
Photoshop abuser: Tabby Stardust
Pairing: Simza/Mary
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money from this, please do not sue.

Click the preview for full image.

[Manip] Occupational Hazard

Title: Occupational Hazard
Photoshop abuser: Tabby Stardust
Characters: Holmes
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/kinks: Bondage, blood
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money from this, please do not sue.

Click the preview for full image.

[Manip] Passion

Title: Passion
Photoshop abuser: Tabby Stardust
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no money from this, please do not sue.

Click the preview for full image.

Fic: Making it Right

Title: Making it Right
Author: hannahazzard
Pairing/Characters: Holmes, Watson, Mrs Hudson, Mary/Watson
Rating: PG
Summary: Watson has to realize, he hadn't been the perfect friend either. Just some friendship, pretty much at the end of the first movie
Word Count: ~2500
Nothing belongs to me

@my livejournal

Fic: The only one

Title: The only one
Author: hannahazzard
Pairing/Characters: Holmes, Watson...maybe pre-slash if you are wearing special glasses
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Doctor meets friends, detective doesn't like it, because he needs his Watson. About friendship and a bit whump!Holmes because it fits
Word Count: ~6500
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me

@my journal

Fic: Anger and Forgiveness

Title: Anger and Forgiveness
Pairing/Characters: John/Mary, Mary, Mycroft, main focus Holmes and Watson
Rating: PG
Summary: My take on the reunion after the end of the movie
Word Count: ~8900
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me

@my journal

Fic: The Art of Mourning

Title: The Art of Mourning
Author: hannahazzard
Pairing/Characters: Mycroft, ~Holmes, but main focus on Watson
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-movie story. Watson isn't taking Holmes' death so well, he get's an unwanted visitor, ghosty Holmes. Maybe not that unwanted.
Word Count:~5200
Disclaimer: don't blong to me sadly

@my journal


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